when i made this toolbar 2 years back, i didn’t realise that i am making a new term for the search engines. I was doing experiments on the toolbar and and adding more and more features everyday. One day i thought lets give it to everyone for FREE.

Then i made one blog for FmTvINDIA toolbar and started promoting it. Very soon i was getting results and that was the happy moment for me…. daily 20-30 downloads of the toolbar and users started sending me the problems which helped me to make it better and better….

More promotions more downloads and today it has around 70,000+ downloads around the world 🙂

Look at the screenshot. FmTvINDIA users are everywhere.

FmTvINDIA Toolbar Reach

Actually i made FmTvINDIA toolbar for my Girlfriend(Love). At that time this toolbar was having only FM channels so that she can listen music everytime. She is a beautiful singer.

FmTvINDIA is growing everyday and now i have a team to manage it ( Although they are spending lesser time on it but useful time for it)

Take a look at the FmTvINDIA Features.

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Movies (Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Animation)
  • MP3 Download Section
  • Web Messengers (No need to install any messenger in your system)
  • FREE SMS (India Only)
  • Online Security ( Scan your computer with any antivirus online for free)
  • Language Translation (Open a page and click on Translation option and page will be translated automatically.)
  • Health Section (Yoga, Pranayam)
  • NewsPapers
  • Bhagvad Gita, Ved Puran. Ramayan(watch all episodes)
  • Business section (BSE Sensex LIVE Ticker, Analysed Reports)
  • .doc to .pdf converter
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather Updates
  • Games
  • POP3 mail client ( Attach your e-mail with it and you will be notified whenever any mail arrived)
  • Search Bar
  • Automatic Updates ( No reinstallation required, Toolbar update itself with the newest contents)

I welcome to post your comments here for FmTvINDIA toolbar.

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